Electric cars are already dominating the automobile market all across the globe. Recent researches show that by 2025, only Europe and North America could see around 1.5 million commercial and non-commercial charging stations. So, there is no issue saying that “Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile sector.”

If you are ready to buy an electric car, probably you’re also thinking about installing an EV charging station in your garage. How can it give you some benefit? Having your charging station will be an excellent step to consider EV charging stations for home. But you might be confused about whether to take this step or not. Well, let me help you and make it clear to you about the benefits of having EV charging stations for home.

What will be the cost to install electric vehicle charging station?

So the question that arises in your mind is, “What an Electrical Vehicle charging station cost?” There are 3 Levels of EV charger available in the market, and a convenient one for you will be the Level 1 EV charger. Level 1 EV charger is economical, and it comes with your car.  

You can buy Level 3 and Level 2 EV charger separately if you want to speed up your vehicle charging per hour. Level 1 EV charger can recover 5 to 6 miles/hours so that you can charge your car to its full capacity overnight.  

Now, let’s look into the cost to install electrical vehicle charging station for home. According to Home advisor, the price for a station for level 1 EV charger will be $250 to $600 with labor and part costing around $900 to $1700. Your house electricity bill might slightly increase.  However, it’s still economical if you compare the total mileage cost using an electric charging station.

Now let’s discuss the advantages of investing in an EV charging station for home.

10 Reasons why you should invest in EV charging Stations for home 

1- EV charging stations for home are convenient.  

Install EV charging station at home, and you never have to drive to a charging point of petrol station again. You can charge your car to its full capacity whenever you want to, charging overnight or during your working hours by leaving your vehicle at home.

No more detours, no more waiting in line for your turn. Just charge your car at home, and you are ready to go!

2- The EV charging station is Dependable.

EV is helping reduce pollution problems, and still, you have the freedom to own a car. EV charging stations for home means you can deal with any fault immediately by yourself. No vehicle will obstruct you, and you know that there will be no other vehicle plugged into your charging point. You will have a piece of adequate knowledge about the condition of your charging point. 

3- They are Cost-Effective 

Due to the high demand for EV, ESB has developed a calculator to calculate the total fuel cost. According to this calculator, an electric vehicle can cost you $26 per month for 20,800km. A similar car that runs on diesel can cost you four times more. Also, other taxes like toll tax and Motor taxes are cheaper than diesel and petrol costs.

4- The EV charging station can improve property value.

EV charging stations for home is a long-term investment, and it will be there permanently as the EV is future. Incoming 5 years, 80% of the population will be driving an electric car, and homes’ property value with EV charging stations will be high.  

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5- Stable Economically 

Green energy cost is falling year by year. Renewable energy is infinite as the wind and sun, and it comes with no charge for excavation, population, and exploration. On the other hand, petrol and diesel-based resources are vulnerable to political factors, supply, and market forces.

6- No Emission

Electric cars are convenient for the environment, but you are still making carbon footprint if you are charging at a public station. The world aims for renewable energy, but 84% of the population is affected by different pollution. You can play your part by using 100% green energy.

7- Fast Charging points at home

A level 1 EV charger can charge your car from zero to full in between 1 to 8 hours. Home-based charging is faster than charging at mains that can take around 7 hours. Home-based charging is more secured than public charging stations unless the public charging stations provide rapid charging, but fast charging is expensive.  

8- Helps in improving battery life

EV batteries are similar to other batteries, and charging them, again and again, will reduce its efficiency. If you set the batteries to full other than charging for one or two hours, it might be better for your batteries to run for a long time. You can charge your car batteries near to a full-on daily basis only if you have your EV charging station.

9- Incentives and subsidies 

As you are playing your part in reducing air pollution by using green energy, you will be enjoying incentive and tax reduction in the future. According to the US Energy Department, all the electric cars purchased after the year 2010 may be eligible for federal income tax worth up to $7500. The amount can vary based on the power used to charge the vehicles.

10- Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Although EV charging is 100% pollution-free, you’re still producing carbon footprints by charging your car from a public station. EV charging installation means a reduction in carbon footprints at public filling stations.  You will be contributing to lowering the emission rate.  


The electric transportation era is almost here, act smart, and install your EV charging station in your garage. Although it requires a good investment at the start, it will benefit you for a long time. Level 1 EV charger is still in your budget, and you can upgrade it to level 2 in the future if you want to increase the pace and charging.

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