When you service and maintain your vehicles, they run better and last longer, the same is the case with your solar panels. They will perform more efficiently when you pay them your full attention in maintenance and cleaning.

Do you know that you can increase your solar panels’ efficiency by up to 20% by just cleaning your solar panel? But the question is, how frequently and when you should service your solar panel? In this article, we’ll discuss solar cleaning services and their maintenance cost. We’ll look into all the requirements about when you need to maintain your solar panel and primary source of dirt.  

How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

On average, homeowners spend $150 to clean their solar panels. If you consider factors like home height, roof slant, and system size, solar panel cleaning cost will be around $3 to $10 per panel. Some companies are also providing a flat rate is $150 to $350 range and $150 annual inspection cost.  

The Solara system requires continuous maintenance all over the year. There are solar systems in the market that comes with an automatic monitoring system. This automated monitoring system immediately alerts you in case of low efficiency or any error. However, you still need an inspection to keep your system performance up-to-date.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services NJ:

According to an October 2020 report, Solar panel cleaning services in New Jersey can cost you $2.88 per watt. For 5 kW solar panel systems in NJ, the total installation cost will be around $12,250 to %16,500. The average gross price for solar panels is $14,400.

Pro Tip:

“Never consider soup to wash your dirty solar panels.”

Cleaning your solar panels with soup will leave a thin residue or film that will encourage the dirt to build up faster on the top. So, you should go to solar panel cleaning services for professionals only.

A pro-solar panel cleaning person will remove remains from the panels using proper soap, tools, and water to prevent any loss. If there is any damage to the solar system, they can guide you about the solution. Although cleaning a solar panel is professional work, the homeowner should also perform some cleaning themselves. Solar panel cleaning service providers can also guide you about DIY work that won’t cancel the panel’s warranty. 

Solar panel cleaning companies in the USA:

The following are the best solar panel cleaning companies in the USA.


Solar Doctor is one of the leading solar panel companies in the US providing almost every service related to the solar panels. They are providing their services on the commercial and residential level. Apart from maintenance and cleaning services, SOLAR DOCTOR is providing entire system troubleshooting, Permit Expeditor, Snow & critter guard, and project management services. 

Besides cleaning and maintenance services, Blue Oak Energy is also offering corrective & preventive maintenance, system testing, and system management to ensure that your solar system is working efficiently.

Solar Panel Installation Services and Products


Solar panels are usually on the top of your house roof. Heliotex has all the upgraded machines and equipment to clean your solar panels. That’s what makes this unique company compare to its competitors. You can also install their devices with your solar panels along with antitheft tools and fasteners for security purposes.   

Blue Oak Energy

Blue Oak Energy is providing solar panel cleaning services to large scale and commercial solar system. If your solar set-up is large, Blue Oak is the best option for you in the USA. They are not only providing cleaning and maintenance services but also manufacturing solar panels. 

Besides cleaning and maintenance services, Blue Oak Energy is also offering corrective & preventive maintenance, system testing, and system management to ensure that your solar system is working efficiently.

Solar Maid

Solar cleaning companies are usually local companies that are providing their services within a state or city. Solar Maid is one of the biggest companies in the US that offers solar panel cleaning services in many countries.

They offer many solar operations like cleaning, snow removal, solar panel maintenance, snow guard installation, and much more.

What does the solar panel maintenance cost?

The solar system does not ask too much care if you keep them clean properly. New and upgrade solar system comes with a monitoring system to measure and watch the system efficiency yourself. By monitoring daily, you can observe any damage or failure in the system before it becomes severe. If you detect no error in the design, you still might need an annual base inspection. For example, small cracks on your solar panel that are not damaging your system right now may not cause any damage. Moister can pass through these cracks: it can damage your solar panels, and the repairing cost for this damage is prohibitive.

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Annual inspection or maintenance cost is around $150. Your contractor will look for loose wiring, any wear, and tear, corrosion, and bolts. There may be broken glass or cracks in the panels, and they can suggest you about replacement or repair. The average repairing cost of the solar system is $650.

The company like SOLAR DOCTOR, providing you solar panel cleaning services may also find obstacles due to new building construction or tree branches. They can suggest you relocating the system or trimming tree branches for proper sun exposure.


You will be investing a significant amount on a solar panel system. It does not demand too much cost for cleaning and maintenance, so do not neglect it. Your solar panel system will last longer, generate more electricity if you give your panel some TLC by providing a good scrub down. Play your part in a pollution-free environment and save money on your electricity bill.

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