The overall cost of solar energy has fallen in the last ten years alongside manufacturers’ improved manufacturing quality and technical efficiencies. On the other hand, other energy sources are increasing day by day, so people across the USA are looking towards solar energy as a feasible alternate solution. So, the question in their mind is, “What is the option for solar panels installation near me?”

The solar energy is the cheapest, abundant, and accessible energy source on our planet. It is not only for the small purpose like for fans with low voltage or energy savers. Solar energy can power water heaters, AC, fridges, and everything in your house.

How does solar panel work?

A solar module or a standard solar panel contains silicon cells, glass casing, a metal frame, and wiring to allow current flow from these silicon cells. Silicon is a nonmetal but has conductive properties. This property of silicon will enable it to absorb and convert sunlight energy into electrical energy.

When the light comes in contact with silicon cells, it forces electrons in motion due which the flow of current initiatives in the circuit. This whole process is known as the photovoltaic effect.

Now, let’s see how do solar panels work in your home?

  1. Silicon cells in your solar panel absorb sunlight energy and convert it into Direct current.
  2. The DC is then converting into AC with the help of a solar inverter.
  3. AC that is produced by this process flow through your home to power your electronic appliances.
Solar panel installation cost:

When you are looking for the solar panel installation cost, you have to consider the price based on per watt of electricity capacity. For and average-sized setup, the solar panel residential installation cost around $11,140 to $14,700 with tax credits. The average price/watt for panels is in the range of $2.50 to $3.30.

The commercial solar panel installation cost is $2.00 per watt. A commercial solar setup of 100kW will cost you $200,000 to produce around 136,000 kWh per year. This cost is exclusive of state, federal, and local incentives.

 Now, let’s answer your question, “solar panel installation Companies near me.” 

Five solar panels installers near me in the USA 

When you search for “solar panels installation near me,” you will find out that most companies are Asian manufacturers, especially China. US President Donald Trump has currently imposed a 30% tariff on solar panels imports to incentivize US manufacturing. Now, there are a lot of National companies manufacturing Solar panels and providing installation as well.

Here is a list of the top 5 solar panel installation companies near you in the USA. 

  2. Sunnova
  3. Sunrun
  4. SolarCity | Tesla Energy
  5. SunPower

The company is providing solar panel installation for commercial and residential purposes. They are manufacturing as well as providing installation services to their customer all around the country. You can install the solar panel system by direct purchasing it from the GO SOLAR DOCTOR.

There are two other modes to get a solar panel from the company: installing a solar panel on the lease or through finance.

Sunnova | Solar Panels Installation near me

The headquarters of Sunnova is in Houston, and it is providing its services in 21 territories and states in the USA. This company’s business model is unique that makes it a different option from other large-scale solar installers. They do not have any team that provides maintenance and installation at your doorstep. Still, they have a partnership with different companies all across the country to do the job.   

Also, the solar options of Sunnova are $0 down. You have the opportunity to own the system or to get it on lease for a specific time.

Sunrun | Solar Panels Installer near me

Sunrun is one of the biggest local solar companies in the USA. They have more than 130,000 customers in different states of the country, and Lynn Jurich founded the Sunrun company in 2007. Initially, it was installing and selling solar panels, but now they are also involved in the storage energy market.

Sunrun offers PPAs, full ownership, and $0 down a lease on their solar energy products. They are also offering loans to their new customers for the solar system. It is the best option for one who is searching for “solar panel installation Companies near me.”

SolarCity | Tesla Energy 

SolarCity is a subsidiary of Tesla founded in 2016 by Elon’s cousins; its headquarter is in California. The company is providing its sales and services in 27 states of the country.  Significantly, their services are residential based, but they are still one of the players of solar products in the US.

According to current new, SolarCity is manufacturing innovative solar roofs in a massive factory in New York. The factory is known as Giga Factory 2.


Primarily, the company is manufacturing solar panels, and its solar panel’s quality is considering the best in the USA. SunPower has an exclusive partnership with local installers all over the country; these local installers have the authority to use their products. The company is also working on solar community projects in New York.  

Bottom line:

If you are making up your mind about installing a solar panel for your home, now is the best time to do that.  There are a lot of advantages if you have a solar system to power your home. It is environment friendly, and you can recover your solar system installation cost in around seven years.

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Recovered installation cost also includes all the Government taxes. If your solar system generates an excessive amount of electricity, you can sell electricity to the national grid.

In the end, here is a pro tip for you. When you are searching for “solar panels installation near me,” make sure to choose a company that is selling and providing installation services as well. 

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